Momtrepreneurs: Mother of four and Optometrist balances building a practice and family

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Tracy Sepich is more than just an Optometrist.

“Clearly, it’s very busy,” she laughs.

She owns her own practice, Restore Eye Care and Eye Gym.

But more importantly, she’s a mother of four kids. And every now and then you can add a fifth child because she’s taken in four exchange students from around the world over the years. 

“[It’s] Hectic. Hectic. So right now my youngest, I have twins they’re 19, I have a 20 years old, and I have a 23 year old,” she says.  

The kids have grown up a lot since she started her very first practice in the Oil City area of PA.

Now in Centre County, her business has matured just as much as her children. 

“As I wanted to get bigger and I looked at how much money I was paying in rent, I’m like, it’s time to invest in a little bit more into my business,” recalls Tracy.

In May of 2018 Tracy and another business owner purchased a building that now has about four other businesses inside, including her own.

Her practice specializes in treating glaucoma, and diabetic eye exams. Plus, there’s an eye gym for rehabilitation.

It’s certainly a lot so recently, Tracy partnered with another Optometrist and mother — Chrstine Zlupko.

“The toughest part is the fact that you’re never really off duty,” says Christine. “You’re always on for one thing or another where it’s for work or at home.”

“It’s really hard sometimes to know where you should be. Is it important I be home now? Is it important I be at work? Where does the responsibility lie at any given time so that’s tough to learn,” says Tracy.

As Momtrepreneurs, it’s a balancing act and tough at times but Tracy says whether you’re a mom or not you should be willing to take risks.

“When you know what your passion is go out and do it don’t be afraid. Plan it, have all your bases covered just don’t be afraid,” says Tracy. “I think a lot of things don’t happen because people are afraid to take the next step.”

You can learn more about Tracy Sepich’s practice here:

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