Momtrepreneurs: Mom trades demanding job for dance studio

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Michele Brandt is sitting on the floor of a studio surrounded by about a dozen dancers, critiquing their dance routine.

It’s a far cry from the VP of Sales and Operations for a large organization. 

“After 15 years of being super committed I was realizing I was losing a lot of time with my family,” she says.

It was her husband that gave her the push to try something new.

“One day he just looked at me and he said quit,” Michell recalls. “That wasn’t in my vocabulary so I kind of took a step back and was like, what does that mean? Like, seriously? Quit? So that kind of started this whole process of my husband supporting me to say, ” hey you’ve done so much how can you do something for yourself?”

She decided to do something for the community and created MindBbodyArt School of Dance in Port Matilda.

It’s a place where families can find a balance between work, health, and activities. Plus, it has a certified after school program.

“It’s kind of a bridge to get kids from school here into the arts and then when the parents come to pick them up a lot of time they’re done with their programming so they go home and eat dinner together,” says Michele.

The whole idea of “family time” is a new concept for Michele too.

“I get to see my husband, my daughter, and my son everyday and you know it used to be a lot of Face Timing and now it’s real time,” she says.

The time she’s getting with her family now is priceless.  

“My daughter she just won’t let me go. She always constantly handing around, always wanting to be under my feet which is a amazing, she loves this place and my son he’s just happy. He’s always a happy kid but he just seems like he’s more satisfied with my being around more often,” says Michele.

In fact, she hasn’t missed any of her son’s football games this season. 

However as a fairly new Momtrepreneur, she’s still learning.

“It takes a lot of balance, but it’s so fulfilling. When people ask, are you happy? Oh my gosh, I would say 98.6% of the time I wake up with a smile on my face and the other times are just things I can’t control,” says Michele.

She says you can always find a solution and learn to balance.

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