Momtrepreneurs: Former teacher turns vinyl into successful business

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Moms have a tough job.

Some moms go to work and still have their “mom” work at home.

We’re finding more and more moms are taking this to the next level.

We’re sharing their stories in our series, Momtrepreneurs:

“Come on guys!” Sue Stiver said as she herds her kids out of the car and into the house after school. 

She is a mother of three. 

“How was school?,” she asks them. 

“Good,” they say.

“Good? Yeah,” she suspiciously responds. 

Sue is more than just a mother, though. 

She’s also her own boss.

“It’s crazy, it’s absolutely crazy,” she says. “Someone is always going somewhere or getting in trouble and I have to go the school or I have to pick someone up for a doctors appointment or take someone to play practice or to a sporting event.”

However, that’s the beauty of being a “Momtrepreneur.” 

“This is great because it’s at home and I can do it whenever it fits in so there are times I’m doing stuff all day for the kids and then at night I’m doing this, filling orders,” says Sue. 

Sue owns Vinyl Mamas.

“It’s customization,” she explains. “It’s designs on shirts, it’s designs on coffee mugs and glasses, tumblers and signs. “It’s taking whatever you dream up and making it happen that’s what we do. We tell our customers if you can dream it, we can make it happen for you.” 

She puts on about 50-60 hours a week.
“I do find myself working odd hours, sending e-mails at 4 o’clock in the morning and working on shirts at midnight,” Sue says.

Sue started her business, not actually knowing anything about business.

My background is in education,” she says. “I taught high school English, I taught college English, and I was a school principal so no nothing at all to prepare me for this.” 

Eventually Sue did take small business classes, and it’s paid off. 

Vinyl Mamas is set make $5-10,000 more than last year. 

“It’s awesome because I’m contributing to my family and I’m giving my kids the things they want not just the things they need,” she says.

And to her, that’s what being a Momtrepreneur is all about. 

“It’s just moms doing what they have to do to help provide for their families and you find a way to do it so that it fits in with your schedule while your putting your kids first.” 

Sue’s future plans include selling the actual vinyl in more local stores, possibly opening up a couple store fronts, and teaching more vinyl classes.

You can check out Vinyl Mommas here:

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We hope to share more of their stories!

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