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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream in his famous “I have a dream” speech. 
Students and teachers at the State College Friends School say they also have a dream, to spread Dr. King’s message of equality through a piece of art they created.

Grayson Ruble and Sean Golder, eighth graders at State College Friends school make lots of art throughout the year.
When they were tasked with making a sixteen by seven foot mural of Dr. King they thought it would be just another project.
But then the mural made out of three thousand four hundred and forty two thumbprints turned out to be no ordinary project.
“We started making it and I was like, “Wow this gives so much of a message than the other stuff that we’ve created,” Ruble said.

“When you see each of those thumbprints, all of them representing a life that was taken, that means a lot more than just seeing a couple figures on a page,” Golder said.
The school says each thumbprint represents the number of African Americans hanged in America.
“We can talk about issues of privilege and how we can use our privilege to help bring to light the issues faced by minority groups,” Bailey Kellerman, Teacher at State College Friends Middle School, said.
The school is raising money through a GoFundMe page to have the mural mounted.
The money will also be used to create smaller versions to spread throughout the country.
“We never ever thought it would get this far, we thought it would just be on a bulletin board and people would walk past and say, “Wow that’s cool that has a good message,” but the fact that it’s already gone this far is just so crazy,” Ruble said.
The Students Have Raised Over Twenty Two Hundred Of Their Fifty-Five Hundred Dollar Goal For This Project. 

The students plan to sell smaller copies of the mural and use the money to give to local charities.
You can find the GoFundMe page for the mural at:

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