Millheim borough talks about possible solar panel project

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Wednesday night in Centre County, Millheim community members met with the borough and an environmental consulting company to talk about a proposed solar panel project.

A Millheim councilman says after they saw two Millheim business install solar panels, they started looking at how solar power could lead to smaller electric bills.

Robert Zeigler, the Vice President for the Borough Council, says they have two choices.

“If it’s the power purchase agreement, that would be a 25 year lease, that would be a 25 year lease, and that’s no cost to use whatsoever,” Zeigler, said. “That saves us about $125,000 over a 25 year term.”

The next plan could save them more, but has more risk, depending on how much power the panels generate.

“With the “PSA” or the power service agreement, that is lined up that we will own the system after 5 years and that would pay for itself of roughly around year 10 or 11, assuming it goes to standard, and then the useful life of that would be about a 40 year system,” Zeigler, said.

Over 25 years, the PSA plan could save them about $1.3 million. If they end the program early, the benefits shrink.

“The feedback I’ve been getting is that more people are willing to invest to save more, but it comes with more liability as well, Zeigler, said.

The panels could be installed near the waste treatment plant field.

Borough council decided to talk more about the two options and vote at their next council meeting, November 12th.

The PPA option would most likely not happen till’ next Fall, while the PSA choice could start in the Spring.

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