Meyersdale recovers from recent flooding

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The Meyersdale community is still cleaning up after flooding last week.

Meyersdale residents are worried they won’t see relief any time soon.

“You don’t realize what you’ve lost until you start putting stuff back and ‘this is ruined.’ and ‘that’s ruined,” said Mark Smith, owner of MS Shock Therapy.

Smith’s business flooded last week. Three feet of floodwaters gushed through Smith’s shop.

Meyersdale resident Dave Housel’s yard flooded about two feet. He was worried his brand new tractor and his home’s oil tank would get destroyed.

Smith makes race car shocks, so the equipment is expensive. Thanks to help from about 20 friends and family members, they were able to pack up most of the shop before the flood. But Smith still lost thousands of dollars and will have to replace the floors, dry wall and insulation. Smith said he saved what he could.

With more rain in the forecast, Housel is preparing for the worst and getting ready to leave.

“If the water keeps coming, I’m going to pack a bag to get out of here,” said Housel.

Smith says he’s going to wait a couple more days before moving all his equipment back in and reopening his shop, but the cleanup and repairs will take weeks.

Meyersdale and other parts of Central Pennsylvania were under a flood watch Monday, though the rain has slowed.

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