McDonald’s partners with AARP in hopes of hiring older employees

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Frank Wozniak has only been working at McDonald’s since March, but he already has a handle on things.

“They always call me SpongeBob because I’m always coming in with my I’m ready,” Wozniak, who works at the restaurant in Portage, said. “I’m ready to face this day. I’m ready to make burgers.”

Frank decided to join the team after retiring. He wanted something to fill his free time.

“I said to a friend of mine that I’m going to work at McDonald’s and he said, ‘oh how are you going to feel when all those younger people tell you what to do,'” Wozniak explained. “I never thought of that because these younger people at this point are my elders. Whether they’ve been here for 5 years or 5 months, they know more than I do.”

McDonald’s is teaming up with AARP to hire older employees at restaurants across the country.

Ken Becher is part of the baby boomer generation.

“I do a little bit of everything,” Becher told us. “The fries, I do the cashiering and I work back in the kitchen making sandwiches and I also work the grill.”

The fast food chain is looking to fill about 250,000 summer jobs nationwide.

“Usually the older people can work early,” Jim Roman, Director of Operations, said. “They love waking up early. They can work early in the morning. They like being here for lunch time. It’s nice for them to work those different shifts for us.”

Wozniak has been successful at his job. He was even crew member of the month in May. 

He said the key to proving you can do the work is a positive attitude.

“If someone is coming in and ordering 26 McChickens, you are no longer Frank the 57-year-old or Mike the high school senior,” Wozniak said. “You’re part of the crew that is trying to get this out as expeditiously as possible.”

You can apply for a job at Mcdonald’s by going to or

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