Market benefitting from 16,000 solar panels

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A family-owned Centre County market is going solar, and saving a lot of money in the process.

The owner of Burkholder’s Country Market says their new solar panels are helping the community in several ways.

Tarren Shaywer from Aaronsburg shops at the market all the time, because it’s the closest one to her.
She thinks their new solar panels are a good idea.

It’s convenient, when you come to shop you can park, underneath the base here, and it’s kind of protecting you a little bit from the weather elements, which is nice when it’s raining under here, under the roof, Shawver, said.

Burkholder’s Country Market’s 16,000 solar panels were finished in March.
Store owner, Russel Burkholder says it can be difficult for a small business like his to compete with larger chains, but the savings from the solar panels are helping his bottom line.

Our energy costs, is one of our most expensive operating costs that we have, so we’re always looking for ways to curb that cost, this system offsets about 70% of our electric usage over the course of a year, Burkholder, said.  Days like today where it’s nice and sunny, we’re actually over producing and putting electricity back out in the grid to the community. 
In May the store opened two electric car charging stations, free for anyone.
Tarren says these solar panels not only help the environment but also help the store prepare for an emergency.
Instead of using the backup generators you’re using a propane to run them, you’re going to have this solar power energy to help fuel any of the needs that the store might need, Shawver, said.
Burkholder says they hope to double the number of solar panels and electric car chargers in the next decade.

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