CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Clearfield man faces felony theft, arson and related charges stemming from an incident in January where police found a burnt Jeep and a stolen Crown Victoria that got stuck in a ditch.


Police found the charred remains of the Jeep between Weber and Nelson Road on Jan. 30. A Ford Crown Victoria was also found about 1,500 feet down from Weber Road. Police said Thomas Peters, 36, bought the Jeep from a friend for $250 and took the Crown Victoria from a garage that he used to work at, according to the charges filed.

Peters reportedly called the Lawrence Township Police Department and was told he needed to come for a formal interview. He then said he was “not well and very confused” and that he may report his Jeep was stolen. Police said Peters agreed to come to the station for an interview but never showed up.

On Feb. 2, Peters led police on a chase after he took another vehicle from the same garage. The pursuit went through Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township before he left the road attempting to lose officers. State police picked up Peters on a mental health warrant later that day when a family member reported him to be under the influence of meth. The family member also told police he made comments about a burnt car.

Peters said he left the Crown Victoria where it was because he heard voices coming from the seats and the radio. According to police, Peters ended the conversation by asking himself out loud “why he does these things and drive while using methamphetamine.”

Peters has a preliminary hearing on April 20.