Making sure your tires are ready for Winter

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With Winter here, one thing you want to keep an eye on is your car’s tires.

You might have wondered what the difference is between winter tires and all-weather tires, and which one you need…

“A snow tire has a more aggressive, more knobby look in snow-type tread design, an all-season is a little quitter, don’t have to change them in the Spring and  the Fall, you’re only buying four tires as opposed to eight, so in essence an all season is a compromise,” J. R. Vratarich, Co-Owner for Tire Town Inc., said.
Vratarich, has been working at his family’s tire shop in State College, since he was 8.  He says an all-weather tire just won’t give you the same traction for winter driving, a winter tire will.
“The big difference besides the tread design is the tread compound, the material that the tire is made out of,” Vratarich, said.
Vratarich says make sure you can see others on the road and that they can see you.
“You want to make sure your lights are working, you want to make sure your wipers are working, all your fluid levels, your air pressure.”
Cleaning the snow or ice off your car is required by law, and it can actually break or bend your windshield wiper, if you don’t.
If you have winter tires, they will wear off much faster at 80 or 90 degrees, compared to all-weather tires, because of the tread compound they’re made of. 
So, Vratarich recommends taking off Winter tires in the Spring.

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