BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Holland Brothers Meats has been a staple in Blair County for many years. One of their biggest selling items is their homemade bacon. They sell more than 700 pounds of it each week and to prepare it for consumers, they have an overnight 12 hour process that begins with them curing the meat and placing it in a tumbler.

“This actually allows the tumbling process of your meat with your cures, which will be your phosphates and your sugars to actually penetrate the meats.” said Mike Holland, owner of Holland Brothers. “This actually has a vacuum pump on it where it pulls the air out of this chamber and allows that cure to penetrate your meat.”

The meat spends the next eight hours in the tumbler before it then gets smoked for a few more. Once it’s smoked, it gets chilled before it’s time to cut it.

Once it’s cut, it’s time to put it out for a nice presentation before putting it in a vacuum bag and the award winning product is ready for an eager meat lover.

“Bacon has become a staple., Holland said. “Bacon has become my passion in our industry to make an award winning bacon.”