BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Jeff Coleman made a stop in Blair County Monday to give his message to voters.

Coleman, of Cumberland County, says one of the major issues he hopes to tackle if elected Lieutenant Governor is the collapse of small towns. He also outlined a plan aimed at addressing what he calls a workforce crisis by strengthening the workforce through improving the corrections system.

“Instead of warehousing prisoners, I think there’s an opportunity to transition back into a productive life, maybe solve some of those workforce crisis issues,” Coleman said.

The candidate addressed the current leadership in Harrisburg saying they are not taking their jobs seriously and need to focus on getting things done instead of being involved in a perpetual state of drama. Coleman also said he wants to make sure there is a healthy debate in the House and Senate as the argument of Roe V. Wade returns to Pennsylvania.

“This election coming up will be a big decider,” Coleman said. “It’s going to decide what kinds of issues go forward, whether or not the conservative agenda has a chance and whether we’re going to elect people who are serious about doing the job, who really care about people and are focused on fixing their problems.”