Lotto players debate where proceeds should go in state

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Proceeds from Wednesday’s 381 million dollar powerball drawing will go to programs benefiting senior citizens in Pennsylvania something the state has done since 1972.

Pennsylvania lottery funds pay for things like prescriptions for elderly residents..
But some people say it’s time for that to change.

Folks who play the lottery say even if they don’t win, they’re glad to know their money is helping Pennsylvania seniors.

“Going towards the Seniors, that’s nice, I kind of like that program,” Scott Bowen, Lotto player in State College, said.

“There’s no reason to change it I believe,” Adrinne Vercetti, in State College, said.
Others say they’d like to see that money go towards other groups.
“I think the children of the school systems are, our future,” Ben Voronin, in State College, said.
He says there may not be a funding issue for schools here in State College, but there are other schools hurting for funds across the state.
“I know a few people in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh schools that, you know their schools are focused more on security, rather then the education, so I think that some extra funding would be great,” Voronin, said.
Other lottery players like Scott Bowen say the state has other needs that aren’t getting the money they deserve.

“In my job I get to travel a lot and I see some small, less fortunate towns, like old coal mining towns and businesses, so it’s kind of nice to have that money go towards them,” Bowen said.
Florida, Ohio, and Texas give lottery proceeds to education.
Texas also uses the money for veterans assistance and other state programs.

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