Long Time Glen Hope Firefighter and Community Volunteer Honored After Passing

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In Clearfield County, a local firefighter and involved community member who passed away is being honored this weekend. He’s a volunteer gone, but not forgotten…

When the siren sounds for a fire in Glen Hope and the scramble for gear is on, Captain Denny Srock’s locker will be empty. A void that’s tough to fill for a man who lived and breathed volunteer firefighting… living next to the station and putting the “first” in first responder. And to fellow firemen, he was about as dependable as they come.

“He was here first, he would be the first guy here every call, and he did not miss a call”, said Glen Hope Fire Chief David Camburg.

And for anyone else who gets there first now… well something’s just not right.

“There has been a time or two.. I live up the road… that I come and I’m the first one here. It makes you think wow this isn’t the way it should be.”

The way it should be was with Denny behind the wheel. And according to a riding partner his right foot wasn’t afraid of the gas.

“There were times my fingerprints were in the dash and he’d just sit there and chuckle… hang on buddy” fire company president Roger Lewis said.

But far beyond his firefighting he was a key member of the community serving on borough council. And now the fire hall is draped with black for a dinner in his honor this weekend. The least they can do for Denny.

“He’s worth more than that…. Denny would do it for us, he’d be here for any one of us. That’s one of the best remembrances we could give him” Lewis said as he couldn’t help but break down crying while remembering Srock who spent 14 years serving the community.

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