Locals tired of vandalism at Baughman Cemetery

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Family members are upset and figuring out what to do about a vandalism case at Baughman Cemetery.

On a quiet spring day there’s peace at the final resting place for many locals from Blair County.

But the Baughman Cemetery, tucked away in hills of Bald Eagle was vandalized late last week.

“As I pulled up here I saw all this, as you can see it’s a pretty big mess here,” Chris Blowers from Bald Eagle, said.
Chris Blowers was visiting the gravestone of his son josh on Saturday, just like any other day.  Josh passed away two years ago.
“It’s really upsetting, you know?  Somebody doing this could get out of control and destroy a four or five thousand or more dollar head stone for non-sense,” Blowers, said.
Chris posted pictures of this on Facebook.  As of Monday night his post had nearly one-thousand shares.
“After every time it gets rainy or whatever, people come up and do donuts or spin their tires or whatever they want to do,” Shawn Lehner, Caretaker at Baughman Cemetery, said.
Shawn Lehner, Caretaker for Baughman Cemetery, says in past years rocks have been thrown into this shed and other damage caused by people made to tombstones.
He says state police were called when the cemetary was found trashed around five years ago. Lehner says they don’t know who is behind the vandalism. 

“It happened last year and didn’t really say anything about it, but this year is twice as bad, from what I hear it happens every year,” Blowers, said.  “There’s no need for this.”
Lehner works for the Baughman Cemetery Associaiton.  He says people have driven into this fence at a logging trail at the cemetery.  In order to build a strong fence with concrete posts it would cost a lot of money that they don’t have.
Lehner says soon, he will now have to rake the damage to the grass, put dirt over areas in need and then plant more grass over it.

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