Locals React to Tornado, Flooding in Jefferson and Clearfield County

Local News

Daniel Wascovich from Reynoldsville says he’s never seen a tornado and the one near Falls Creek this afternoon was very fast.

One resident and Falls Creek Assistant Fire Chief tells us he rushed to get home and called his wife, telling her to get in the basement.

“You could see a tornado in the sky towards Sykesville Area,” Ed Burtop,said.

Over in Clearfield County, Harold David, Fire Chief, for the Winburne Fire Department, says the rain hit them hard around 8 Tuesday night.

“We got hit with a sudden torrential rain and it got crazy real quick,” Chief David said.
“If you see high water try not to go through it, the current is moving swift and it will take you and put you in a spit that you don’t want to be in.”

Chief David said his fire department has evacuated 13 residents in the area and rescued a pregnant woman stuck in her house.

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