Locals Inspired by Late Comic Book Writer Stan Lee

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Comic book visionary Stan Lee has died.
He’s known for his creations to the marvel comics franchise.

Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-men…They’re all apart of global pop culture today. 
They’re also characters written by the late Stan Lee, a man whose fingerprint is everywhere.

“I remember watching Spiderman 3, this was back in like 2007 when I was still in high school, and Stan Lee always made a cameo in all of his films, just like Alfred Hitchcock and he said to Peter Parker, you know even one person can make a difference, and I feel like that resonates with his legacy today,” Spencer Folmar, Artistic Director for the Veritas Film Festival, said.
Spencer Folmar grew up in Philipsburg, today he’s a Hollywood film director and writer.
He says Stan Lee’s work inspired his own.
“What’s great in the Stan Lee and Marvel Universe is that they often have some levity, some comedic relief, and I think in life we too need that levity, that comedic relief, whenever I’m writing my own films, I try to find some moments where the audience can take a breath and just kind of process what’s happening in the film,” Folmar, said.
John Sacreto owns “Comic Swap” in State College.
He says the popularity of Stan Lee’s comics over the past five decades has been vital to his business.
“Stan Lee’s very important to us as a founder, because all the things that our business is built on comes from him, well at least part of it does,” Sacreto said.
According to Stan Lee’s IMDB, he was involved in about 12 films that are either about to hit theaters, in pre-production or were recently announced.

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