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BREEZEWOOD, Pa. (WTAJ) — There has been a lot of talk in the past week about seeds that have not been ordered showing up in packages around the country.

These suspicious packages have shown up in mailboxes in all 50 states, including a Breezewood woman named “Peaches” who says that she got seeds in three separate packages along with a ring that she ordered online.

The three packages had foreign lettering on the outside of them, one product description saying “ZZZ” the other saying “steel gaskets” and the third saying “stud earring.”

“[They] are all separate packages, and they have different places that they are from,” said Peaches, “like China. One of them says KGB on it.”

When she opened the packages, out came three different types of seeds.  

Peaches said she thought about planting the seeds to discover what they were since they came with no product description, but then decided against it out of fear.

Which is around the time when she saw posts on social media describing mysterious seeds just like hers showing up around the country.  

So far the USPS, along with Homeland Security and the US Department of Agriculture, have stated that they are still investigating the root cause of the seeds.  

The most agreed upon theory is that they are a part of a “brushing scam”, or when a third-party seller ships an item that wasn’t ordered to use someone’s information so they can write a five-star review of their product.  

But out of caution, the USDA has issued a statement to anyone who receives the seeds not to plant them or throw them out.

Instead, if you receive a mystery package full of seeds, you are asked to give them to a local agricultural official.  

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