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With more than five million downloads in less than a week, Pokémon GO is the latest app sensation to hit the market.

The augmented reality game allows you to become a Pokémon trainer, capturing, training and battling Pokémon characters that interact with the real world.

As we found in Cambria County, many are using this game as a fun outdoor community activity.

Shane Salcedo, a Hollidaysburg, Blair County native, says he has spent more than 40 hours playing the game since it has come out.

He spent his Monday morning in Ebensburg,  hunting Pokémon with his wife and daughter. When they find one, they use their phone to capture it, by hitting it with a virtual ball.

“They both take turns catching Pokemon, hitting Pokéstops,” Shane says. “They both enjoy getting out and about.”

He told us he’s been a fan of the series since it first came out on the original GameBoy, and is happy to share this new version with his daughter.

Shane says, “she likes to go see what Mommy and Daddy are up to when we go out. So it’s been a pretty unique family adventure for us.”

It’s also a way for them to discover the world they live in.

“The first morning after it’s release I walked around Hollidaysburg by myself for almost four full hours,” he told us. “There were a few landmarks actually, that I had never seen before that I came across while I was hunting for certain things.

Other people, we met say it’s also a great way to meet new people.

Alex Persio tells us, “this is where everyone goes. Like I probably already meet 10 people up here. I’ve been here like an hour playing the game.”

Shane advises everyone, “don’t be afraid to branch out. Everyone’s looking for something and you never know where it may turn up.

If you download the app and are looking to meet other players, just head to the nearest Pokéstop or join one of the many Facebook community groups forming in our region.

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