(WTAJ) — Lisa Koncz worked for fifteen years dedicating her time to raising awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society. About six months after retiring, she went to a walk-in clinic for a mammography and out of the thirty-seven people they saw that day, she was the only one diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lisa told us, “I mean I never felt anything, I felt good, and when I got that call, I was like everyone else, I was in total shock. and I felt blessed that I had caught it early. because I know that is the key to prognoses and to your treatment plans. They won’t be as invasive if you catch it early.”

Lisa was able to lean on her family and friends through this tough time. She also knows the importance of exercising to help her recovery.

“What I love is that I can walk this track, put on my earphones, listen to some music, and not only am I getting a good workout, but this loop that we all have, including breast cancer patients, we are constantly going on with us, were frightened, we do not know what is going to happen, that loop seems to be able to unwind, as I am walking around the track,” said Lisa.

Lisa knew that physical and mental health would help her through her journey.

She had so much knowledge from working with the American Cancer Society, and going through her own treatment, that her oncologist suggested she put pen to paper and encouraged her to write about her experience. Her oncologist was not the only person to encourage Lisa to be an author.

Lisa went on to say, “I have loved writing all my life, my mother always wanted me to be a writer, and I used to say mom I have nothing to write about. Well, when I was diagnosed, I looked up into the heavens and said well mom, I guess I have something to write about.”

Lisa was able to take time to publish a book that is now available for purchase on Amazon or as an eBook too.

“A little bit that I can do, to give back. I would love for them to read the book and it is a book about other stories as well so there is going to be a lot fun, interesting, and inspirational stories that are not necessarily breast cancer related but are stories that all the readers will be able to relate too,” said Lisa.

Lisa is currently in remission, but she continues to take steps to make sure she stays healthy and in case there would be any setbacks.

A part of her treatment was made possible from funds raised by the American Cancer Society and events like Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Due to this, Lisa wants to give back that during the month of October all the profits form her book will go towards Making Strides of Central PA to help continue the fight against breast cancer.

If you would like to purchase Lisa Koncz’s book you can find it on Amazon by searching her name or the book’s title, “The Cancer Lady’s Diary: and Other Life Stories,” or by clicking here.

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