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a State College woman is thanking her supporters as she recovers from a shooting. On January 25th Jordan Witmer of Bellefonte, shot four people then shot and killed himself. Three of his victims died. His ex-girlfriend, Nichole Abrino was shot in the chest and has been recovering ever since. 
She wrote a letter to those who have contributed $15,000 to her GoFundMe page so far, thanking them and thanking those who helped find her dog who recently went missing.

Here’s what she wrote, “Words cannot describe how amazing it felt to have her back in my arms after the longest two months of my life. I wish I could have helped in the efforts to find her but I am so thankful for how much the community has worked together to help me at such a hard time.

My road to recovery and healing has only just begun as I return to what everyone in rehab called a “normal life” but normal life to me was living every day, not knowing if I’d make it to the next.

You are welcome to use any words as well as the ones on my GoFundMe page but I do ask if you do that you say about how any donations help.

I don’t know when I’ll ever work again honestly and that terrifies me. Home renovations are costing more than I ever expected and medical bills overflow. People just don’t realize that victims still have to pay for their medical bills which just isn’t right.

Right now I’m unable to be at home. Unfortunately, the insurance did not allow me to stay as long as I felt was needed, leaving me to go home in a car that I was crammed into and in pain the whole way. Leaving me to go home to where I’m not able to even get inside. I was sent home with two drains still inside me. For now home is my in-laws due to the fact it is handicap accessible and I feel safe. My house can not have a ramp built onto it because it would not be up to code, therefore I’m in a state where I’m having to look for a new place to live.

Lilly is great and just as perfect as ever. As I said before I’m so thankful for everyone’s prayers and support. The pet recovery of Centre County is amazing at what they do. I’m forever grateful.” 

Nicole Abrino

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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