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There were some big victories for Democrats in the state’s big races last night with Governor Wolf and Senator Casey winning re-election.

But at the state capitol, Republicans held on to their majorities, despite Democratic gains. So how will this affect the commonwealth moving forward?

Republicans in Pennsylvania’s state capitol seemed to be able to hold off the blue wave on Tuesday night, maintaining control of the state House and Senate.

“We have a lot of things that we’re very happy about from last night,” said Jason Gottesman, Director of Communications, Republican Party of Pennsylvania. “And a lot of things we can build off of.”

But their majorities have been diminished. Democrats netting 11 seats in the House. Republicans also lost four Senate seats, losing their veto-proof majority.

“I think we are going to have a cohesive Republican legislative team, that is focused on making sure that we have a pro-growth agenda. And standing up to America’s most liberal Governor, Tom Wolf,” said Gottesman.

But Governor Wolf and Democrats as a whole proved to be popular in the Philadelphia suburbs of Bucks, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.

“Wolf won those counties combined by 328,000 votes over Wagner,” said Jim Lee.

Those suburbs where Democrats picked up the majority of their state House and Senate seats. Jim Lee with Susquehanna Polling and Research says it’s becoming harder and harder for even moderate Republicans to get elected there.

“All four counties are really trending Democrat,” said Lee. “Partly because the kind of voters there now are very very progressive on social issues.”

Moving forward, Lee believes Republicans maintaining a majority, keeps Governor Wolf from having a mandate, but their smaller majority will change things.

“That creates an advantage for Wolf, in terms of leveraging things that he wants to accomplish in his next term,” said Lee. “Because Democrats will have more influence.”

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