Local man hosts soccer “Stay at Home Challenge” to engage kids

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — In the midst of the ongoing pandemic and the difficulties and challenges it poses, Travis Dileo of Altoona has come up with a “challenge” of his own to help out those who are stuck in the house.

“The idea is that we decided to start a contest and we’re using social media, primarily Facebook to hold a contest where I do a daily challenge and if you participate, you gain an entry to win a prize at the end of the quarantine,” said Travis Dileo, owner of TD Soccer Performance Academy.

“I like that it gives me something to do and it challenges me,” said Trent Baronner, participator in the challenge.

Trent is like many kids who are taking part. Trent, and his brother Jace, complete the challenge every day.

“I like how I have something to do during this whole quarantine thing and that it’s very challenging,” Jace added.

And that was the mindset Travis had when he and his wife came up with the idea. Dileo started the TD Soccer Performance Academy in Altoona a little less than a year ago. With roots deep in soccer his entire life, it’s his way of now, helping the younger generation fall in love with the sport, and this new, friendly challenge is helping that.

Travis goes live on Facebook every night at 6, posting a new soccer challenge. It’s then up to you,

You have 24 hours, and yes, it is open to anybody to get to work.

“I can’t imagine the parents that are dealing with their 11 to 12 year olds, that are penned up in their house, they’re fighting with their siblings, it’s got to be an amazing challenge for them,” Travis added.

“If this is something positive they can look forward to on a daily basis, then I’m helping in a small way.”

And it certainly does seem to be helping. With each challenge Travis posts, the more entries he sees on a nightly basis.

“Eva has now gone 27 days with a ball on her foot doing these challenges and really enjoying it,” said Mark Fry, father of Eva, who has taken part in the challenge almost every day.

“Just improving on stuff even though we are on this long break and having the challenges with my friend, and the parents challenge each week,” said Eva.

Travis says his promise is to keep the daily challenge going until the quarantine ends. You can get involved on Facebook at “TD Soccer Performance Academy LLC.”

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