Local man creates sitcom, films in Altoona

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The cameras were rolling on the set of ‘Almost Grownups’ Tuesday night.

It’s a raunchy television sitcom about four guys who grew up together and never left their small hometown.

David Ogrodowski is one of the actors brought in from Pittsburgh.

“We love Altoona,” Ogrodowski said. “The guys who are producing this are Altoona guys. They love this town so they brought the whole production here.”

Anthony Bambocci is the one with the idea.

After selling his local business, he recently ditched the suit and tie for a bit more creativity.

“Writing a sitcom is the oldest thing on my bucket list,” Bambocci, the producer & writer of the show, told us. “I’ve always wanted to do it.”

Kirk Leidy helped make it happen. He’s the director and as another local, he loves supporting the area.

“We bring in enough actors and enough of our crew that they’re spending money here and staying in hotels,” Leidy said. “They’re spending time in Altoona.”

The pilot just made it into a California film festival. The crew is hoping companies like Netflix or Hulu take notice.

“To have them bring a sitcom series like this to Altoona is fantastic,” Brian Ceponis, an actor, said. “It creates a nice buzz around the city.”

The adults only pilot episode is available to watch on YouTube.

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