Local lawmaker wants to bring Amazon headquarters to Cambria County

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Last month Amazon decided not to build a second headquarters in New York City.

One Cambria County lawmaker is now hoping their loss will be Pennsylvania’s gain.

“In New York City jobs are not a big deal,” State Representative Frank Burns said. “When you put 25,000 jobs in Cambria County or any other small towns, they’re going to experience tremendous revitalization, tremendous growth and give people who live there hope again.”

Representative Burns decided to write a letter to Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

It’s two pages long and describes why he thinks the tech giant should consider coming to Central Pennsylvania.

“I thought Jeff Bezos could be the guy that rights the wrong for the people of Cambria County,” he explained. “Actually if he chose to locate here, he would be the person that is rebuilding small town America.”

As of March 1, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was still pushing for Amazon to reconsider their decision to back out of the deal.

So far Bezos hasn’t changed his mind, but does a location in Cambria County even stand a chance?

Representative Burns knows it may be a long shot, but he’s sure making his best sales pitch.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” Representative Burns said. “If we don’t reach out to them and we don’t do anything we know what the result will be. We have to take a risk and we have to put ourselves out there because if you don’t take a risk, nothing will happen.”

At last check, Amazon said they have no plans to reopen the search for a second headquarters.

Representative Burns told us he’s going to continue reaching out to Amazon leaders until he gets a response one way or another.

Click here for the full letter Representative Burns sent to Jeff Bezos.

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