Local Gym Encourages Working Out from Home during Pandemic

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Governor Wolf’s business shutdown is not just a problem for entrepreneurs…
life is on hold for many because their favorite restaurant– store– or gym is closed.
As you stay at home there are ways to continue your active lifestyle.

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in some shape or form and changing the way we go about our daily routine.
Our Morgan Koziar caught up with the owner of revival fitness, Tyler Hunter.
He is encouraging people to stick to their exercise routines, saying being active is good for more than just your physical well being. And he says even if you can’t workout at a gym, there are easy ways to utilize your space at home.

“If you have stairs – use em walk up and down the steps you know there’s nothing that gets your heart rate moving more than going up and down the steps – especially with a laundry basket.” says Tyler.
“I don’t want to be the cheesy guy that says go pick up soup cans and start doing lunges with them, but it’s always helpful to do anything in the house with whatever you have.”
and Tyler encourages folks to step outside to ride bikes, do yard work and play with kids to help get your heart rate going.

When we do home exercises, one thing we like to make sure we focus on is being extra efficient and taking advantage of the time that we have and the resources we have. One thing that we like to do is we like to focus on the whole body – so we’re doing enough for every muscle group so we’re going to show you three quick exercises that we like to do here as well as you could do body weight style. The first thing we like to do is a classic reach down that van’s going to do here so if you balance on one leg what he’s going to do then is he’s going to hold this position he’s going to take his arms up and he’s going to bring them back down and take them out to the side. He’s going to go through that 8 or 10 times as we focus on the balance with the leg we get a lot of hamstring and glute or butt muscle activation you also get a lot of core it’s a phenomenal exercise that hits several different components all at once. The second exercise which everyone knows and loves is the classic push-up. Not everyone can do a push up, so he’s going to start with a modified push up now to do a correct modified push up what we like to do is have the hips towards the floor he’s on his knees he’s going to lower down to the ground with his elbows closer to the sides not way out you want to make an ‘m’ with the body so if you make a giant ‘m’ you know you’re in the correct position if your back is nice and flat you can come back up and once he goes up and down you’ll be able to see his back nice and flat and controlled. After that, one thing that we like to do with our core. A lot of people know the Russian twist position it’s not always ideal for your back so what we do is we get in that position so you sit down on your butt you lean down on your back, knees are bent what Van’s going to do is take his arms up and out like we did with our reach down but this allows for flat back and safe back and also moving his arms out and up provides a lot of extra core stability – it’s a nice challenge you can make that harder by taking your feet up. You can modify it by being on a chair or couch so it’s a really neat exercise and it’s extremely efficient especially compared to the classic less safe exercises that we’re familiar with.

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