Local grant campaign raises $225,000

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The Somerset County Gives campaign has already raised $225,000, less than six months after launching.

“Just having that quarter of a million right now is phenomenal because it’s basically just getting started,” said Ted Deskevich, the co-chair of the Somerset County Community Fund.

The fund will give back to local people in need, like children and families, volunteer firefighters and other non-profits.

“We right now, are hoping to triple the amount we are able to distribute to the community. We help non-profits who are working in the areas of arts, culture, human services, heritage, the environment. If you name it, our non-profits are doing it,” said Pamela Tokar- Ickes, the director of the Somerset County Endowments.

Over the next five years, the Somerset County Community Fund wants to raise $1 million through the campaign.

“It’s just so nice to see that you can give back to wherever you are living. And it’s just a wonderful thing to do,” said Deskevich.

To donate or learn more, contact the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies website.

You can also contact Pamela Tokar-Ickes by phone: 814-525-9020 or email: ptokarickes@cfalleghenies.org.

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