You may not associate the term “state of the art” with a feed mill, but that’s just how a local farmers’ co-op describes its new facility. The Bedford Farm Bureau showed off its new feed mill in Curryville, after a ribbon-cutting ceremony, on Monday.

The bureau says it was designed to be more efficient overall, with a computer automation system monitoring and controlling all functions of the feed mill. That allows the production of more precise feed mixes  for cows, goats, pigs, horses and poultry. The mill was also designed and constructed to reduce dust and noise for employees.

Co-op General Manager Jim Shade says the plant currently produces about 3500 tons a month of feed, for the 648  farmers who are members, but it was built with an eye toward the future.

“I think many of the farmers were very, very happy  to see us invest in the next generation and put something here that’ll be here for their kids, and as we move down the road have something for the next generation to rely on,” he says.

According to the farm bureau, the Curryville feed mill has revenue of  about $26 million a year. Forty people work for the co-op.