HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Farmers facilitate the circle of life each day through their work, and one local farmer is putting more into nature’s cycle than he is taking out.

At Separate Peace Farm, owners Bob Whittaker and Rhandee Weicht want to give back to the land that has given them so much through their regenerative farming methods.

“The main things are, you know, keeping a lot of biodiversity, both in say the forage that you’re grazing and then your livestock,” Whittaker said.

Weicht added, “Not using sprays, pesticides and as little additives as possible.”

Both Whittaker and Weicht grew up exposed to more conventional methods of farming.

“Really, in the last ten years we’ve been more intensive about it,” Whittaker said. “And, you know, it’s something that’s kind of a buzzword now, “regenerative ag.” You know, it’s all about being adaptive.”

At the farm, their cows are using fields for pasture. This helps to restore nutrients that have been lost by farming or erosion.

“It improves the fertility, which improves yield, and then increases water-holding capacity,” Weicht said.

The cattle are rotated through multiple fields, fertilizing without depleting what is there.

“This is what they’re meant to do,” Weicht said. “They’re meant to be out in the sunshine on the grass.”

The benefits aren’t only in the soil. The cattle are provided with nutrients that create a denser cut of meat when brought to your table.

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“We have some cattle that are eligible to get their driver’s license this year,” Whittaker said. “That’s the sort of thing, we’re trying to keep them out here and have a really good life, you know, and a long life.”

Products produced at the farm can be purchased at a small store front across the street from the farm.

Whittaker and Weicht said they encourage farmers to use these methods, because if they can do it on a small farm in Central Pennsylvania, others can too.