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A cemetery is a place for remembering, but often times you have a headstone with nothing more than a name and date. There’s nothing that tells the story of the person buried beneath.

Tom McConnell and Mike Miller, two local entrepreneurs, want to change that with Eternal Remembrance.

“I wanted to try and figure out a way to remember people,” McConnell, who is the owner of the idea, said.

They’re using technology to make memories last forever, even after your loved one is gone.

All you do is buy an emblem, log on to the app or site, then use GPS to locate the tombstone. Once you’ve marked the site, you can add any information you want and control who can see it.

“You can actually have videos from when that person was a child or pictures or moments that family members want to upload and have there forever,” Miller, the director of technology, said.  

Now the two are even hoping to take a dive, putting their work on the line on the hit show Shark Tank. They went and pitched their plan in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

They won’t find out if they made the cut for another couple weeks, but they’re hoping to hook a bid so there’s a way for everyone to learn the stories beneath the stones.

“When you lose a loved one it’s never easy and now this makes it a little easier to share the memories and even to see memories you never knew existed,” McConnell said.

The two hope to have the site up and running by June 1.

You can find out more information by heading to their Facebook page.

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