ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Monday was barista night at Greenbean Coffee House in Altoona! 

The event is in coordination with Evolution Expressions, an arts for healing nonprofit for families in Blair County.

Kids from the organization split into three teams, each creating their own drink with the help of real Greenbean Coffee House baristas. 

The winner of the night?! 

Team Breakfast Club with their creation, the Cinnamon Crunch! 

“What I liked about the experience is that I could actually do hands-on work and instead of just picking one off the menu. I could actually put all of our ideas together and do like one big thing,” said Christopher Esworthy from team Breakfast Club.

“It’s not only giving them the opportunity to do something that they normally wouldn’t do but it’s also giving them build confidence,” says Evolution Expressions’ Ashleigh Nearhoof. 

WTAJ’s Amanda Kenney and Alex Hazard had a blast judging the drinks!  

The Cinnamon Crunch will be available at Greenbean Coffee House for the entire month of May.

Half of that drink’s proceeds will benefit the Evolution Expressions organization.