Local business closed due to flooding

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A local plant remains closed after being forced to shut down from flooding roads.

We’re told Reynoldsdale Road started flooding Sunday afternoon.

Officials made the call to shut the Bedford Reinforced Plastics Plant down late Sunday night to make sure employees were out safely.

Numerous checks were made and just after 4 a.m. Monday, a car was spotted in the flood water.

Thankfully, no one was inside the car when rescue crews found it.

Plant Environmental and Safety Manager, George Ritchey, says the flooding will have a significant impact on the plant’s business.

“We”re going to stay shut down,” said Ritchey. “We’re a plant that works 24 hours, we work around the clock so we’re going to lose a good bit of revenue by keeping closed up, but [it] doesn’t look like anyone will be in there today and probably no one in there tonight.”

Ritchey says there doesn’t seem to be any damage inside the plant at this time, and the products were moved to higher places to avoid being ruined.

There is no word on when the plant will be able to reopen.

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