Local and state leaders meet to discuss Ducansville flooding

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Parts of Blair County have suffered serious flooding issues.

Thursday night. local and state leaders hosted a water summit as they search for solutions.

Wade Hoover and his family live in Ducansville.
The Hoover’s had to completely redo the entire lower level of their house. 
“I ripped out all the carpet, all the walling, I had to relace appliances,” Wade Hoover, Homeowner, in Ducansville, said.
They say they had to borrow money from the Small Business Association to cover the costs.

“The expenses, I couldn’t even tell you how much…they’re still accruing,” Hoover said.
Thursday night State Senator Judy Ward hosted a water summit at the Duncansville Community Center. 
Local and state leaders discussed possible solutions and grants available for flood prevention in Blair county.
Edward Silvetti with Blair Township says right now his township is trying to learn more before they act.
“We actually have an engineering study underway to determine what measures the township might take by way of infrastructure improvements to carry off that stormwater and to mitigate the effects of storm events going forward,” Edward Silvetti, Chariman for the Blair Township Board of Supervisors, said.
Hoover hopes state grants will pay for those projects as opposed to charging stormwater fees.
“If they can get the money to do it, that’s be better than to be putting it on the backs of the people that it’s already impacted,” Wade Hoover, Homeowner in Ducansville, said.
The engineering study in Blair Townshp is expected to finish up by early Summer.
Senator Ward Logan Township and Duncansville Borough plan to apply for state grants to pay for flood prevention projects.

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