Liver transplant helps teen overcome cancer

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Ten years after a devastating diagnosis, a Bedford teen graduated from high school this week.

Chance Dull is one extremely healthy teenager. He’s careful to eat a nutritious  diet, he works out as often as he can, and he expects to soon be certified to train others in CrossFit—a grueling  exercise regimen.

Still, he and his family know he’s lucky to be alive.
“I remember I was getting a bath one night,  when I was seven my mom got me out and she was drying me off and stuff, and she felt this lump in my stomach,” he says.

That lump was a sarcoma of the liver, a rare form of cancer, found in one in ten million children. It took six days for doctors to diagnose  and then they had to come up with a treatment. His chances of survival were very low.  Cancer therapy wasn’t enough.

His mother Trina Geisler remembers, “The transplant doctors told us the best case scenario for his chances of survival would be to have a liver transplant.”

Chance was fortunate enough to receive a donor liver less than two months after making the list..

“Organ donation and transplant,  it’s a miracle,” Trina says. “We’ve been blessed with this miracle here on earth.”

Chance and his family have never taken that gift for granted.”I try to take care of it as much as I can,” he says.

Over the years, he’s become quite the athlete. He went to wrestling regionals this year, and was named the Senior Wrestler of the year at Bedford High School. Chance plans to go to college, and work in the health field.

He and his mother are speaking out about their experiences in hopes of encouraging more of us to become organ donors.  Find out how you can sign up to be an organ donor at Donate Life.

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