A brightly colored package with fun, fruity flavors inside.

It may look like candy but they are bottles of liquid nicotine used for e-cigarettes. 
“There have been reports of kids that have gotten into enough of the product where they have had more severe toxicity,” said Medical Toxicologist Dr. Blake Froberg. 

A new study finds that  more than 90% of kids are exposed to liquid nicotine by swallowing it.
“You can see where kids will have a lot of vomiting or diarrhea from this. Some of the more concerning cases that have been reported where kids have even had seizures or changes in the way their heart would work,” said  Dr. Froberg.

The bottles are legally required to be child proof. 

These have more than one safety feature.

“We take it really seriously,” said owner and founder of Indy E-cigs Shadi Khoury. “As you can see, as I turn this, nothing happens. That`s the child resistant feature of it. I have to push down and then, then it will open.”

Khoury says even with all these protections, a determined kid could still get to the liquid nicotine and it`s up to parents to make sure it stays out of  their children’s  hands.
“treat it like a medication. Keep it in the cabinet that a child can`t reach. Keep it out of their line of sight, because these bottles can look appealing sometimes,” said Khoury.

Even if your child has swallowed or touched a small amount of liquid nicotine, call a poison center or your pediatrician see if you need to take your child to the doctor.