Law enforcement cracking down on aggressive driving during statewide detail

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — On Wednesday, Pennsylvania State Police, along with more than 200 police departments across the Commonwealth, were out in full force on patrol for what they call a “Statewide Coordinated Enforcement Day,” stopping drivers in areas that are known for dangerous driving behavior.

Folks from multiple departments in the area, including Altoona Police, Blair, Greenfield, and Allegheny townships, met to discuss why patrolling certain troubled areas helps their entire community.

“We have a lot of kids, bicyclists, people that are walking, recreational walking and running in such a tight space, it’s imperative that people obey those traffic laws so that way everybody’s safe,” Sgt. Tom Venios from the Altoona Police Department said.

Sgt. Venios said a common trend they’re seeing is texting and driving.

“That has led to numerous accidents on a yearly basis in the city, extremely dangerous,” he said.

Whether it’s failing to make a complete stop at the red light or speeding in a busy neighborhood, officers pulled folks over to try to reverse a dangerous pattern.

“The areas that we are focusing on have had whether it be several accidents or the accidents that did occur there were due to aggressive driving behaviors and they were bad,” Venios said.

They hope they reminded folks to avoid these bad habits.

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