Law could make gun owners register firearms annually

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Members of the State House introduced a bill on Friday that would require gun owners to register all of their guns annually. Each registration costs owners $10, which concerns some folks with large collections.

The owner of Allegheny Trade Company in Duncansville, Mike Harris, said he thinks the plan will not work in the state.

“They want you to do the same background check for the same firearm that you already purchased. Any firearm that you come in to purchase, you go through an extensive background check that is required by the federal government, and it’s required by the state. Every hand gun that is sold and purchased or transferred is registered with the state of Pennsylvania,” Harris said.

He’s owned the shop for four years, and said for those gun owners with large collections of firearms or inherited guns, the law would create more problems than solutions.

“Antiques…there is no registration on them. Actually up until the 1968 Gun Control Act, manufacturers, in fact, weren’t even required to put a serial number on a firearm, so there’s a lot of older firearms out there that don’t even have serial numbers on them,” Harris added.

Business wise, Harris thinks he, and other shops, would lose a lot of customers.

“They’re not gonna want to come into a shop and buy them because you know, they’re gonna have to do another background check, and they’re doing two background checks for the same firearm that they already have.”

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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