Latchford appointed new mayor of Tyrone

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As per Tyrone’s municipal code, when there’s  vacancy in the council or mayor’s position, any resident in Tyrone can apply for the opening.


All applicants who submit a letter of interest are given an interview during a borough council meeting and a mayor is immediately voted on.

In a surprising turn of events, only Bill Latchford applied for the job of mayor. Latchford said he was, “very surprised because i just found out two days ago that there was no one else that applied for it and the application process is just providing a letter of interest that that person would be interested in being the mayor of Tyrone and there were no others.”


The new mayor is no stranger to the process. He explained, “we had done it before. I actually got on council originally back in ’94 through that process.”


Latchford was voted in by council without going through the interview process. The vote was record five to one.

He’s currently running for mayor and his opponent, Charles Mills sits on council and accounted for the lone vote against him. Mills was also the council member who motioned to have them skip the interview process. Latchford expected Mills to apply for the job too, but he didn’t.


Mills explained his decision saying, “it’s all set up. It was already planned so why bother? You know, he’s been on council for 25 years and it was set and dry before we got here. Why make it a big thing and say, ‘hey, interview him.’ when he’s already there?”


But these two aren’t letting politics get personal. Mills explained his dissenting vote saying,“I‘m going to vote against him in the general election so why change? I am what I am. I say what I say and I mean it.

So, do I dislike him? No. But would I vote for him? No. So that’s me.”

Latchford and Mills will face off in the republican primary Tuesday, May 16th. 

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