Landscaping Around Gravestones Dismantled At Local Cemetery

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Bellefonte, Pa- Families visiting a Centre County cemetery are upset after finding out their
landscaping decorations around headstones were taken taken down . The cemetery’s board says its a violation of the cemetery’s by-laws.

WTAJ’s Evan Hinkley spoke with one family who wants to this this procedure handled more delicately.

“It is disrespectful… because I think they just came in, did it, and never notified anybody,” said Bill Woodring.

The Meyer cemetery is a familiar sight to Bill and his wife Audrey. They come to mow and tidy up his fathers and brother-in-law’s graves once a week. But this weekend, they saw something new.

“This past Saturday when I was over here, I was doing this and I see these guys going around, ripping stuff out and around these tombstones,” Woodring said.

Specifically raised wooden or landscaping walls around garden beds…. that didn’t sit well with Woodring.

“That kinda upset me because people buy that lumber, they take time to build it, bring it out here, set em’ down and everything. And i don’t think it’s right… I feel if they’re going to do something like that, they should give the people between a 15 and 30 day notice that they can come in, clean up themselves and maybe make it ground level,” he said.

The by-laws of the cemetery indicate that all flower bed boarders such as bricks and stones must be at ground level. Woodring says he was told the board has no obligation to give people notice before dismantling above ground landscaping.

He stated: “I just don’t think it’s right how they’re handling it”.

He hopes the board will consider the families first…before tearing up the space they created to remember their loved ones.

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