TYRONE, Pa. (WTAJ) — The kitten who was dropped out of a man’s truck window in the middle of the street on Sunday, July 23 as it was caught on a homeowner’s security camera was adopted by the homeowner’s grandchild and is showcasing the help and resources available for stray cats.

Azlynn, the niece of Hazel Snyder, whose camera caught the 8-month-old kitten being dropped out of 42-year-old Russell Walk Jr.’s truck, adopted the black kitten and named him Feisty. Azlynn is already looking forward to playing with him.

“He’s my favorite pet,” said Azlynn, whose family already has two dogs. “He’s playful.”

Bridgette Gill of the cat rescue group Purrfect Paws and Pals of Tyrone saw Snyder’s daughter Paige Loner’s Facebook post of the security recording. Gill said she knows the family well and met with them to discuss what they could do to help the kitten.

Gill said Snyder had the kitten seen by a veterinarian, who deemed Feisty healthy.

She said her organization has spayed and neutered 507 cats since its inception in August 2019 with 183 of those adopted to help ease an ongoing stray cat abundance in Tyrone. She said Feisty, and all new strays her team finds will be next on the list once they’re old enough.

“The reason we still have such a huge population problem is because people dump [the cats],” Gill said. “They throw their cats outside, or they dump cats that they found that are unaltered. And then if it goes unnoticed, they end up having kittens, and it just keeps growing. So we like to tell people that if you live in the borough of Tyrone, and there’s new cats that show up that you’ve never seen before, reach out to us immediately.”

Gill added the Central PA Humane Society as an additional resource for those dealing with strays. She also said Facebook posts are easy ways to not only have her team see the strays in need but also to find potentially interested adopters.

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Gill said Feisty is afraid of Azlynn’s two dogs, which she said is not normal behavior for a kitten. She said his fear could be from prior interactions. She said Azlynn’s family will have Feisty slowly interact with the dogs to ease his worries.

“Unless [kittens] have had previous experiences with dogs, and they were bad experiences, usually kittens … are scared at first, but they adapt,” Gill said. “But [Feisty] is terrified of dogs. … We don’t know what happened before he was dumped out that window, but it could definitely be related to whatever happened to him.”