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The city of Johnstown has a rich history and some of the landmarks that still stand could be key to reshaping its future.

The Johnstown Area Heritage Association is working to raise money to maintain and renovate several tourist attractions. They include the Stone Bridge, the Train Station, and the Flood Museum.

Built just two years before the 1889 Flood the Stone Bridge is a source of pride for the city. Several years ago, JAHA and other community leaders came together to a beautiful LED light display on the bridge.

Shelley Johansson, JAHA’s Director of Communications is in charge of turning the lights on and coordinating the colorful animated displays.

She said the lights are usually based on a theme that represents a community event or a special cause.

“It really makes me happy for example to light the bridge purple for epilepsy and then people will send us pictures of people that actually met down at the bridge who care about this issue for whom this is something really important and has shaped their lives, said Johansson.

For a small price people can also rent the display and choose the color of their choice.  Some people done that to celebrate a someone’s birthday and couples have used it for a baby gender reveal.

JAHA has put together a $30,000 fundraising campaign to keep the lights on and to do some much needed maintenance. 

“Right now we have a section of lights that is not working and one of the big challenges is it’s a railroad bridge and we have to get into the river bed with a four-wheel drive lift in order to do those repairs,” said Johansson. That work will likely begin this summer when the river’s water level is lower.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the fundraising campaign and how you can choose the color of the Stone Bridge.

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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