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Police in Blair County have a warning about a scammer that tries to get your money by claiming you missed jury duty. Residents think someone from the Blair County Sheriff’s office is calling based on caller ID. The scammer says you’ve missed jury duty and must pay fees and fines. Here’s the full warning from the Sheriff’s office:

SCAM ALERT: It was reported that residents may be receiving phone calls from a male caller identifying himself as “OFFICER DAVENPORT”, claiming that a “jury duty” appearance had been missed, resulting in an arrest warrant being generated for the recipient. The caller provides a phone number to call back on if he does not speak directly to the victim for further instructions to handle the warrant. The actor has even gone as far as to call people at their place of employment while resenting the scam. The actor also gives a case number and the victim’s information (making it seem legitimate). The actor is advising the victims to travel to the court house immediately while remaining on the phone with him to keep in contact to ensure their arrival. The actor is using a phone App. which allows the calling number to show as the Blair County Sheriff’s Office phone number.

The Blair County Sheriff’s Office, or any other Blair County law enforcement agency will never call and present an option to settle any outstanding filings, warrants, or paperwork via phone. We do at times place calls providing information to subjects that have outstanding filings, warrants, or paperwork to notify the office to arrange a time to meet for the service of same, BUT will NEVER make any monetary arrangements via phone, or request any personal account information for any reason, and do not request people to main on the phone as they drive to the court house campus. If you receive such a call, please report it to your local police agency to determine if the call is legitimate or a scam. NEVER give personal information, or account information to anyone over the phone.

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