Juniata College study abroad student in Paris reacts to Notre Dame fire

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Anna Vermette, Study Abroad Student in Paris, through Juniata College says people in Paris are still shocked that this happened.

“They had a vigil last night when it was still burning,” Vermette, said.  “People were outside singing hymns, people were devastated.”

She says people have been coming from all over France to get a glimpse of the damage.

“The bridges have been packed, there are people standing on them all times of day,” Vermette, said.  “I got to work at 8:30 packed, left for lunch at 1 packed, there’s just people clambering to get pictures, they want to see what’s left.”

Michael Henderson, French Professor at Juniata College French Professor says Notre Dame is the icon for France just like the Statue of Liberty is for our country.
He says the cathedral is on the island, Ill De La Cite, where Paris started.
“For Parisians, it is more than just a church, it is a symbol of the history of their city,” Michael Henderson, Associate Professor of French and International Studies at Juniata College, said.

“It’s never going to be the same after this, they’re going to rebuild, but that’s the question is how are they going to rebuild, and how are they going to do this?” Vermette, said.  “What direction are they going to move?”
There are already dozens of fundraisers to pay for notre dame’s rebuilding project.  Some of France’s wealthiest families say they’ll give more than five hundred million dollars to the project.

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