Judge expected to rule in PSU fraternity hazing case

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A large portion of the morning was spent going through Timothy Piazza’s text messages, which the defense said shows he knew what would be happening that night. But the Piazza family attorney, Tom Kline, is fighting that.

“All of this is a red herring and a rabbit hole they would like the judge and potentially some jury to go down,” Tom Kline said.  

The defense pulled Piazza’s text message history in an effort to show he wanted to party and knew what he was doing. Defense attorneys said he was invited to several different fraternity rush events and texts show that he attended them. 

The defense also pulled texts messages that they say showed that he had prior drug use, and the use of those drugs could have affected his body when drinking that night. 

The prosecution said that there was nothing found in his drug screening and it would not be a factor to what happened that night. 

“There is no evidence that’s been established at this hearing today or any other day that there was any recognizable, cognizable material evidence. There is no material evidence at all introduced that Tim Piazza had any drug use,” Kline said.  

Closing arguments wrapped up Tuesday. The judge is expected to make his decision Wednesday.

“I think basically what we saw was a rehash of a lot of the same evidence as before. The basement video doesn’t change the ultimate analysis here. As I said in court, all they did was dress up a faulty theory that was presented by the district attorney. They did it in a more clearer and coherent way that was done before, but it doesn’t change the fact that the evidence in this case just doesn’t support involuntary manslaughter,” defense attorney Michael Engle said.

“We believe very strongly, wholeheartedly and have made our case very publicly that this is indeed a case of reckless endangerment of another person. It is indeed a case where the legal burden, as the prosecution showed us today, that meets the test of involuntary manslaughter,” Kline said.

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