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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — More than 10 hours before the curtain opens for the Jonas Brothers in State College, one girl sits alone outside the Bryce Jordan Center.

“I thought people would be lining up early early morning,” said superfan Nechama Buchanek. “I’m not sure if I’m meant to be here or not, but I want to get near the front, so here I am.”

Buchanek, just 18 years old, is thousands of miles from her home down under.

“I’ve loved the Jonas Brothers for a lot of years and they never came to Australia to actually perform,” Buchanek said.

So Buchanek, just out of high school visiting friends in New York, scheduled her trip around the Jonas Brothers tour.

“I came to Madison Square Gardens on August 29 and then Pittsburgh [Tuesday] night, and then here I am again.”

There’s no doubting she’s a fangirl.

“What would you do if they came out here right now?”

“Uhh cry.”

She even has a bag of everything she needs for the hours she’ll be standing at the concert.

“This is simple things like food and clothes,” she said.

But until concert time, she’s passing the time listening to her favorite group, just hours before she hears them live. Her phone’s song library of the brothers goes on and on.

“Black Keys, Don’t Speak, 705, Underdog, One Day at a Time, there are so many,” Buchanek said.

Naturally, Buchanek has a favorite she’d love the group to sing. One that’s not part of their concert setlist, but could be added to the show.

“They only have one fan request,” she said.

A request she hopes to make, yelling out from the front row.

So there she sits, hoping to get the best real estate so her song will be played. But it’s not the inner fan that’s driving Nechama to be first in line, it’s the need for comfort after what happened a few months ago.

“I lost my mom actually,” Buchanek said. “I just didn’t really have hope.”

But then she remembered that song.

“I just felt a lot of joy and hope that I didn’t think I’d felt before, so it’s made me want to come to all these shows.”

To help, in many ways, bring her mother back.

“We’d sing it all the time. She’d ask me to sing it to her and see who could sing it faster, so it’s really special to me,” she said. “One of my last memories with her, we were driving in the car singing it.”

“This has been another level, other things I think just really distract me, this has made me want to keep going and made me want to live my life for my mom and maker her proud.”

So far, the last two concerts have helped her a lot, though there are still some tough moments when the music gets to her.

“I just started crying. There’s not always an explanation. I just started crying.”

But she knows the power it has is what’s pushing her forward.

“So it does inspire you?”


This is the last concert tour stop for Nechama before she heads back home. She says the Jonas Brothers don’t know she’s here, but still has hope her and her mother’s song, titled “Introducing Me,” will be played here tonight.

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