Johnstown sister schools launch positive behavior program

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Respect, integrity, courage and humility. These are the four pillars of a new faith-based positive behavior program at Divine Mercy Academy and Bishop McCort Catholic High School in Johnstown.

“Reinforce positive behavior, to recognize positive behavior, and to emphasize what is not positive behavior is a good aspect for any kid at any age,” said Rich Denhard, the Bishop McCort School Counselor.

The program will enforce positive behavior for K-12th grade students.

“We’re trying to promote that here with our students here in our school system,
 said Tom Smith, the principal of Divine Mercy Academy.

“In some ways, in a Catholic school, it’s easier for us to teach those kind of things,” Denhard said, “because we have such a good guide book to go off of.”

Thursday, the school officially kicked-off the program with an assembly. It was the first time all three sister schools and about 800 students have been together under the same roof.

“It’s an opportunity for our kids, 9-12, to come set a good example,” Denhard said.

Every month, the schools will hold focus groups, teaching students what it means to be ‘rich.’

“Around here, it’s cool to be a good person. It’s cool to lift each other up as opposed to tearing each other down,” said Denhard.

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