Johnstown community helps light up local landmark

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Thanks to generous donations from the Johnstown community, the Stone Bridge will continue lighting up the city.

Volunteers from the Stone Bridge Lighting Project started fundraising in August to pay for repairs and electricity for the colorful LED lights on the iconic landmark.

Now, more than 100 community and business members donated more than $30,000 to help keep the bridge lit for the next 10 years.

“A sense of pride. Instead of looking at that stone bridge – dilapidated bridge if you will – and saying, ‘It reminds us of the great flood of 1889.’ It’s something we can look forward to and look at it and say, ‘We can be proud of that icon’,” said Michael Brosig, the project’s co-chairman.

The bridge lights up every night for three hours. It shines different colors to represent different causes and events happening in the community.

You can still donate by clicking here.

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