HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) are warning residents of a “fake trooper” scam that has been going around the area.

Troopers said that people are being called by scammers who make it look like they’re calling from a PSP station. They then use the name of a trooper from that station to ask for money or even threaten you such as saying that you need to make a payment to clear a warrant.

“It’s not us. No one from the state police would ever call to solicit funds,” Trooper Fox from PSP Hollidaysburg said.

You’re reminded that law enforcement will not ask for or demand funds over the phone. If someone tells you they need you to buy hundreds — or thousands — of dollars in gift cards for payment, hang up. Some companies have trained their employees to notice if gift card purchases seem suspicious and they may try to warn you.

Even if you think you’re talking to your bank, they’ll never ask for login/security information. If you believe you’re on the phone with your bank, phone/internet company, credit card company, etc… you can always hang up and call their customer service number. If it’s legitimate, someone will be able to help you at that point.

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If you’ve been scammed or are afraid you’re being scammed, you’re urged to contact your local police department.