“It’s Like Putting A Puzzle Together”… How RV’s Are Organized For The Grange Fair Next Week

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Preparations are beginning for the 144th annual Grange Fair which officially kicks off next Friday… but many campers are already in the process of moving in. 

The RV Secretary for the Grange Fair, George Witherite, told WTAJ that organizing the RV’s is similar to putting a puzzle together. They start by organizing campers in the middle and then park them tighlty together, while branching out.

Friday, fair volunteers started parking RV’s, but what you see here is nothing compared to how full the fair grounds will be over the next three days.

Tomorrow alone, they’ll park about 700 RV’s…. and with that many campers in one spot, it takes about two months of planning just to organize (on paper) all of the vehicles.

And then there’s always changes from year to year… which changes how RV Secretary Witherite puts together the puzzle.

“They change sizes, and then they call me and now they’ve got a bigger camper, so now I’ve gotta find a place they’re gonna fit”, Witherite said.

But then added that the changes each year, are all part of the fun of organizing such a large event that expects over 200,000 people.

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