Is a casino coming to State College?

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State College, Pa- State College is far from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. But a little Las Vegas could soon be coming to Centre County.

The potential sight of the mini casino: The Nittany Mall. But, there are still a lot of things that have to happen before a casino is constructed.

First a major decision has to happen. The PA Gaming Control Board must decide to approve or deny Nittany Gaming LLC., to operate the casino.

Nittany gaming already has an agreement to have space inside Nittany Mall—so a casino could be constructed—but without a gaming license it’s not going to do anyone much good.

While that casino license sits in limbo, WTAJ spoke with College Township Manager Adam Brumbaugh to hear if the township is still in support of the project

“College Township had the opportunity at the end of 2017 to opt out of consideration for these category three licenses and chose not to do so, that position has not changed,” Brumbaugh said.

One of the main reasons for the township’s support… belief in the casino to jumpstart business in and around the mall.

“There could be some improvement there, just in terms of traffic, foot traffic, various sales, restaurants, hotel rooms, things of that nature,” Brumbaugh said.

The casino would also bring in money to the township…2-percent of table game funds and 4-percent of slot machine revenue would be split between the host municipality and the state.

Brumbaugh said, “It would have a relatively significant impact in terms of additional revenue stream for the township.”

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